Simple Things

1.Words to Live by : )

2. Jamie Oliver “Teach every child about food”

3. Marilyn Monroe practicing yoga

4. Making these dreamy bites of love got me through Monday. 

5. Ordering my business cards finally! Will show the final product next week 🙂 Ordered with Moo Business Cards

6. Learning to knit with this pretty blog PARK & CUBE


Rooted Intentions


Rooted is a word I’ve always played around with, a word I’ve tried to mold myself into. I’ve always wished I was rooted to a hometown or had deeper roots in my own nationality but recently I found that feeling rooted comes from within. Its a base of support that I give myself, an essential part of my character and my upbringing whether or not its in a hometown or with people of my own nationality. Rooted is where I am and who I am now in this very present moment.

Intentions, I think of stepping outside of my habits, breaking old beliefs and creating inspirational affirmations that guide me.  I think of healing, radical, transforming and healthy dreams that motivate me to change my life. I know that it can define an aim or purpose, a wish one plans to carry out but I found this to be the most compelling and fitting definition “A natural healing process” It instantly spoke volumes to me. An intention can lead to a natural healing process of our health, life, relationships, and career.

Rooted Intentions” is the practice of creating a base of support in the natural healing process of our lives. Through food, yoga, wellness, life’s inspirations and joys I want to share what my rooted intentions are and the impact it can have on your life. I want to inspire you on this windy, beautiful, sparkly and fearless road that we call life, so that we can create something magical together.