“All I want for Christmas”

I just spent the last 45 min trying to find parking at the mall to do some Christmas shopping and after a frustrating encounter with an old man who I believe is this years Ebenezer Scrooge I drove home to unwind. There has to be an easier way to do Christmas shopping without the stress of the mall, parking lots and traffic. I decided to compile this list to help everyone who is unsure on what to get their yogi friend or lover because when it comes to shopping for them it should be as blissful and peaceful as a yoga class. Between Etsy, Pinterest and following my favorite yoga teachers on Twitter I have compiled a list of beautiful and inspiring gifts that will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Yogi Reading:

The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness

Kathryn Budig and Elena Brower have just come out with two empowering and great pieces of work when it comes to Yoga. ‘The Big Book of Yoga’  by Kathryn Budig has been getting rave reviews in the blogsphere, filled with Kathryns kind and strong wisdom, and beautiful pictures of practical yoga poses. She covers topics from yoga philosophy to a yoga sequence that will help with hangovers (New Years recovery plan!) Elena Brower has finally released her powerful and beautiful book ‘The Art of Attention‘  After waiting for this release I can gladly say that this will be in my stocking waiting for me this year. Its a handbook for teachers and a resource for deepening your practice, a piece of art and grace. Origin Magazine is over 200 pages of pure yoga/art/inspiration/culture and love.  Be prepared for fascinating perspectives and intriguing souls. The best part about of this? Its the gift that keeps giving every single month!

Yogi Gear:

PROlite® Mat 180cmYoga Tees and Tanks

I love a new mat. Especially one that has a lifetime guarantee and was made with a strong Vinyasa flow practice in mind. Spoil someone with this Rustic ProLite Manduka mat and watch their practice flourish. Whats almost as good as a new yoga mat? A new outfit, and whats better then a new outfit? A new outfit every single month! This might be the single most genius subscription ever. For $49.99 from PV Body you get a new yoga outfit (Top and Bottom) sent to your house every month. Just take a short test and PV Body stylists are able to put together your fierce yoga warrior outfit with brands that consist of Lululemo, Nux, Colosseum and American Apparel. Etsy is a treasure trove of beautiful handmade yogi finds, and this might just be my favorite, Erin Lorenzen has built a beautiful business around the concept of reusing and reclaiming, she crafts art and tees with soul. Support handmade and local artists, especially when they are yogi fans themselves.

Yogi Treasure:

108 mala rosewood prayer beads and genuine hand made Turquoise gemstone guru bead wrap bracelet or necklace yoga jewelryCrystal Necklace - Raw Quartz Gold Dipped - MEDIUM - Christmas Gifts Under 50 - Handmade Jewelry - Free Shipping in the US

Every Yogi deserves a beautiful string of mala beads and this gorgeous strand of Rosewood and Turquoise wraps delicately around your wrist making it a true gem.  A Raw Quartz Gold Dipped necklace is a perfect accessory for your yogi, bring in some serenity and peace this Christmas season and let them carry that forward into 2013! Last but not least why not treat a loved one to a yoga retreat? There are hundreds of wonderful retreats out there, and they will all inspire, empower and create miracles in ones life, so why not give the gift that just keeps giving? I love this concept of combing yoga with Italy, cooking classes and wine tasting. A trip to Tuscany in July with Jennifer brings a whole new meaning to manifesting and this might just be the ticket to creating a loving and powerful life.

Hope these ideas help you all out! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

xox Kelsi

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