Simple Things

Even though I am still in the midst of winter here in Norway, I am still summer & spring at heart. And this weeks Simple Things will start to bring some inspiration to my mind and hopefully start to thaw out my body.

+ One of my 2013 goals is to write more hand written cards to friends and family around the world. I absolutely love getting hand written notes and surprise gifts in the mail, and I want to send the same amount of love to my friends out there. These cards bring a whole new persepcitve to inspiration and warmth to get me excited to start writing.


+ Feathers, arrows and hiking in the sun. I’m having a real love affair with all three lately.


+ Gabrielle Bernstein. I’m reading her new book and I love it. I read Spirit Junkie but there is something about this one that gets me going, I’m active, receptive, forgiving, aware and most importantly willing. Its just the kick of inspiration and love that I needed to start 2013 off right.

+ Oslo Yoga Festival. Boy oh boy am I excited. I will be going with a wonderful friend here in Oslo who writes an inspiring blog with such a beautiful zest for life that I don’t know which I’m more excited about…a 3 day weekend of yoga or 3 fab days with this yogini. Either way I’m thrilled.

+ Spending time with my grandparents. Now that im back in Norway I try to have lunch with them once a month. And my favorite part by far is going through all their old pictures from WWII era and when they were engaged. There is something so beautiful and simple with love in the 1950’s, the lust for life after war and the eagerness to love and be grateful. Im so thankful I have them still to share what timeless wisdom they have for me.d16688985f2211e2a12822000a9f18f6_7

+ Green juices. Green smoothies. Anything green.  It makes me feel alive, vibrant and energetically blessed. What more could I want? This Recipe from Healthy Green Kitchen is a keeper.


What Simple Things are you enjoying this week?


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