About Me

In a nut shell I am a yoga teacher, earning a degree in Holistic Health Coaching, a foodie at heart , soul  lover, entrepreneur, book enthusiast, a passionate traveler, spirit seeker, and a snake bite survivor, on a mission to raise awareness about love, wellness and yoga.

I started on this journey just 3 years ago when I was bitten by a puff adder while living in South Africa. A life changing experience followed this incident and I was in need of a more purposeful life, a natural way to heal and a change in attitude. I took a wild chance and moved my life to Hawaii where I began to see the complexities and joy’s of using food, nature and yoga as a way to heal and transform my life.  I have since then traveled solo throughout Asia where I not only nourished my body with fresh food but I nourished and validated my purpose in life. While my purpose is still evolving , I have a great yearning to help others heal, whether it’s through a listening ear, sound advice, healing recipes or an hour of yoga. I am on a mission to not only grow myself but to help others achieve their true potential through love and wellness.


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